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Outdoor Event

Post Date:05/14/2024 4:55 PM

The Town has policies and ordinances that regulate year-round outdoor events for the public. In certain cases, event planners may be required to get Town approvals and permits. These regulations are in place to keep Collierville safe, clean, and family centered.

Here are 10 questions event planners should ask themselves before holding an outdoor event on private property:

  1. Does the property owner know about my event?

    The owner of the property needs to be aware of the event and consent to their property being used in that way. The Town will want proof that the property owner has “signed off” on the event. This is typically done by having the property owner sign the Outdoor Event Questionnaire in addition to the event planner.

  2. Have I considered liability and risk?

    The Town will ask, at its sole expense, the event sponsor to obtain Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, with the Town an additional insured party. The event sponsor will also be required to sign a Town Waiver, Release, and Indemnity form.

  3. Is the Town aware of my event?

    Event planners are encouraged to submit a competed Outdoor Event Questionnaire to the Planning Division at least sixty (60) days prior to holding an event. The primary reasons are to make sure that the event is held safely, adverse impacts to surrounding properties are minimized, and prevent violation of Town regulations, such as signage, noise, alcohol, Fire Codes, electrical codes, etc. Staff will also use the form to determine is a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) from the Board of Mayor and Alderman (BMA) is needed, which could be triggered if more than 200 people (including staff and volunteers) attend the event. Sometimes events need to be “ticket only” events to make sure to limit attendance. Having multiple events during a calendar year could also trigger the need for a CUP.

  4. Where will my guests and staff park?

    The lack of adequate parking for outdoor events is a common issue. The Town will look to see where event staff and attendees will park, whether on-site or off-site. Events occurring during “peak times” of other uses or businesses can cause adverse impacts to the neighborhood. The Town will look to see that the owner of off-site parking areas has consented to their property being used for “overflow” parking.

  5. Will alcohol be served or sold?

    Check with Administration at 901-457-2200 about any implications for the event related to any existing beer permits applicable to the property. If the property does not have a permit that allows for consumption outside the building, a licensed caterer or vendor will be needed to serve alcohol.

  6. Will any products be sold at my event?

    The Town has regulations related to the outdoor display and sale of merchandise. These regulations are still applicable during outdoor events.

    Food trucks are sometimes used at events for catering for attendees. Food trucks used as private catering for a “documented” outdoor event and that are not open to the general public are considered appropriate. It is important to note that food trucks cannot, “occupy any portion of any public street, alley, sidewalk or right-of-way for the purpose of storing, selling or exhibiting any goods, wares, merchandise or materials” (Town Code §92.01). For anyone wishing to operate a food service vehicle referenced in the code (IFC section 319) in the Town of Collierville Jurisdiction, a permit will be required, and compliance inspection will be performed on their vehicle by a Town of Collierville Fire Department Fire Inspector. To set up an inspection call the inspection line at 901-457-2494 or email At the Fire Marshal’s office (1251 Peterson Lake, Collierville TN, 38017) a permit application can be filled out and fees paid.

  7. Will I need signage?

    The Town has special signage standards that apply to outdoor events. Signs erected on the day of the event are allowed without a permit but must meet the sign regulations. Signs erected more than 24 hours before the event do require a permit. Sign permits may be needed. Temporary signs that are not visible from a surrounding public street are exempt from permits.

  8. Will I use tents?

    Tent permits are required for tents greater than 400 sq. ft. Contact the Chief of Fire Prevention directly at 901-457-2482 to obtain a permit or with questions. The tents will be taken down and removed following the event. No open flames or combustibles are allowed in the tent as described in 2018 IFC (3106.5).

  9. Will my event be on Town property, or will I need Town services, such as solid waste containers, road closures, or traffic control?

    Outdoor activities that involve the use of Town of Collierville property (public parks, Town facilities, Town greenways or trails, public rights-of-way, etc.) or require “non-basic” Town services (solid waste containers, traffic control, blocking of streets, etc.) are not reviewed the Planning Division and are instead processed through the Parks Department. A permit from the Special Events Committee is required for such events. If this describes the scope of your event, contact the Parks Department at 901-457-2777.

  10. Will my event create noise?

    The Town’s Anti-Noise Regulations will apply to any outdoor event. The Anti-Noise Regulations (§130.016) are enforced by the Collierville Police Department upon complaint by a citizen or upon issuance of a citation. If the event is to be held near residential uses, consider ending the event before 10:00 pm and taking measures to mitigate noise impacts to the surrounding neighborhood.

    If you have any further questions about Outdoor Special Events, please contact the Planning Division at or (901) 457-2360. 

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