Shelter Information & FAQs

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When you adopt a pet from the Collierville Animal Shelter, you have personally given that animal a second chance at life.


Do I have to register my dog or cat with the shelter when I move to Collierville?

Yes, Collierville ordinances require any cat and dog over the age of 5 mos to be licensed with the Town of Collierville.

How do I go about licensing my animal with the town?

If you have gotten your dog or cats rabies vaccination from a Collierville veterinarian then you should have received a Collierville Rabies tag. If you have gotten your pets vaccination for rabies from someone outside of Collierville then you would need to come by the shelter with proof of the vaccination and get a tag.

How much does a tag cost? Rabies tags for Collierville cost $6 for spayed/neutered pet, and $15 for an unaltered pet.

My dog or cat has gotten out of my fence what should I do?

If your pet has gotten out please contact the shelter so that a lost report can be completed; or fill out a report online here. This will ensure that if a dog or cat comes in fitting your pets description you will be notified. If you pet has a microchip please call the microchip company and inform them just in case your pet is taken into a local veterinary office and scanned.

How often do I have to purchase a Collierville rabies tag?

You will need to purchase a tag yearly even if you have gotten a 3 year rabies vaccination.

How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

 It cost just $50 for an adoption fee which incudes current core vaccinations, spay or neutering, veterinary exam, and microchipping.

I received a notice on my door that you may have my pet, what is the process on getting them back?

  Please call us to find out the exact charge, but first time visitors require proof of current rabies vaccination and a $30 reclaim fee plus $10 per night.

What is the process if I need to surrender my dog or cat to the shelter because I can no longer take care of it?

 You will need to call the shelter to talk to a representative. Our goal if at all possible is to keep your pet in your home. If you are having trouble getting your pet neutered or spayed we offer low to no cost surgeries. If your having trouble feeding your dog we offer a food pantry. If you have no other choice but to surrender your pet then we will help you with the transition, but a phone call is the first step.

Is there a surrender fee? We do not have a surrender fee, however if you would like to give a monetary donation it would be appreciated.

Is it required to have my dog on a leash if I am out for a run?

 The Town of Collierville does have a leash law that says anytime your pet is off of your property and in public it is required to have a leash on it. They can not be allowed to run free in public, unless at the Town's dog park.

How many dogs or cats am I allowed to have in my home?

 Collierville has a limit of 3 cats and 3 dogs per home.

Am I allowed to have chickens in my yard?

 The Town allows for chickens on your property as long as they have not become a nuisance to your neighbors, and their area is kept clean.

What do I do if I have been bitten by an animal?

  If you have been bitten the first step is to get Medical assistance from your doctor. You also need to notify the Animal Shelter and/or the police department of the incident. The Collierville Animal Shelter will advise you of your next step.

What happens if my dog or cat bites someone, will it have to be put to sleep?

If your dog or cat bites someone you need to inform the Collierville Animal Services and or Collierville Police Dept. You will be asked for Proof of a current Rabies given at least 30 days prior to the bite. The State of Tennessee requires the animal to be quarantined for 10 days. At the end of the quarantine your pet will need to be seen by a veterinarian for an exam and and to be released from quarantine.

Who do I call for dead wildlife?

 Public Services at (901) 457-2800 Who do I call for a dead domestic animal? Animal Services at (901) 457-2670

Is there anything I can do about my neighbors dog who keeps barking all the time?

  All Barking dog complaints are handled through the Collierville Police Department as a noise violation.

Can I bring my cat or dog to the shelter for its rabies vaccination?

 Collierville Animal Services offers low cost rabies vaccinations once a year, usually in April.

How can I make a donation to the shelter? We accept donations in person or in the mail by way of cash, check, or physical items.

I have a found an animal what should I do?

  Please call Collierville Animal Services at (901) 457-2670 so that we may pick it up, and check it for a microchip. Please do not attempt to contain an animal that you have found who does not know you. We do not want anyone getting hurt by an animal of unknown origin.

I have a found pet can I keep it? No, animals are property in Tennessee and therefore must be processed as a lost animal and held for 3-5 days. You may be able to foster the animal that you have found, but you will need to contact Collierville Animal Services first.