Research Library Collection

Includes serval different magazine collections such as American Spirit, The Confederate Veteran, Old Shelby County Magazine, and Tennessee Historical Quarterly. We also have books on Civil War topics ranging from medicine to the way women dressed. General Tennessee history books include books on American Indians and the history of settlement in West Tennessee.

Permanent Collection (objects)

Important objects in our Permanent Collection include: a Civil War Surgical Kit used by Dr. Virginus Leake; resident of Collierville in the mid 1800s, antique McGinnis Hardware tools and various Civil War bullets and artifacts.

Newspaper Collection

Collierville Herald Newspapers are available in searchable, PDF format from March 1, 1929 (first issue) to 1980.

Map Collection

If interested in donating historical objects or documents to the Museum please schedule an appointment if possible. You can make an appointment by calling 901-457-2650 or email


The Morton Museum staff is happy to assist you with research. In addition to the items on display in the permanent gallery, the Museum has an on-site archival collection that includes Collierville newspapers from 1929 through 1980, photographs, records, objects related to Collierville's agricultural and manufacturing history, and more. 

To make an appointment to view collections at the Museum, call 901-457-2650 or email