Fence Permits

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When is a Fence Permit Required? Any person or company wanting to put up a fence or wall must first get permission from the Development Department. If they start building without permission, the permit given to them will be invalid. If there are any issues that need to be fixed by the owner, contractor or individual, they must be corrected within a reasonable time period specified by the Development Department. If more than fifty percent of an already existing fence needs to be reconstructed, then a permit is necessary. Even if a permit isn't needed for a replacement fence, it still needs to follow the fence regulations found in the Zoning Ordinance and the Building Code.

How do I apply for a Fence Permit?  There are 2 ways to apply:

What must I submit to obtain a fence permit? 

  • Completed Fence Permit Application Form (in all cases): Click here for the latest version of the permit effective (7/1/22). If applying online, completed application forms must be uploaded. All pages need to be initialed/signed by the property owner or person constructing the fence. Property owners are encouraged to review and sign fence permit applications in addition to the fence contractor if someone else is building the fence for you, as the property owner is responsible if Town regulations or State laws related to alterations to stormwater drainage flow are not followed.  
  • Plan Showing Fence Location (in all cases): This can be a site plan, hand-drawn sketch, or aerial photograph. If applying online, completed fence plans must be uploaded.  Click here for a new mapping tool provided by the Town so that applicants for fence permits can make their own plan to attach to their fence permit application! Click here for instructions on how to use this new mapping tool.
  •  Fee (in call cases): Effective 7/1/22, all fence permits will be $50 each. Fence permits issued for fences built without a fence permit will be charged a double fee. Applicants can pay by check, credit card (in person), or online (by credit card). Online payments are made after a permit is submitted and must be coordinated with staff (call 901-457-2360 to arrange online payments). 
  • Fence Design (in some cases): For nonresidential fences, common open space fences, & Historic District Fences, the Town will need to review drawings or pictures of what the fence will look like. If applying online, fence designs must be uploaded. 

NOTICE: Effective 7/1/22 several changes are being made to the fence permit application process.  

  • Effective 7/1/22, the cost of all fence permits, whether residential or commercial/nonresidential, will be $50. Fence permit fees have remained unchanged since 2004. In 2004, residential fences permits went from $15 to $35 and commercial/nonresidential permits went from $25 to $50. 
  • Effective 7/1/22, double permit fees will be applied when fences are installed without a permit. 
  • Applicants must use a new version of the Fence Permit Application form effective 7/1/22. Older versions of the form will no longer be accepted.
  • Fence Permit Applications must be signed property owner in all cases, even when a fence contractor is applying. If a fence contractor is applying for the permit, they must sign the application as well. The property owner must initial certain pages that contain a summary of the fencing regulations. Additional disclaimer statements about the impacts of fences on easements and utilities. 
  • On the fence permit application, applicants will tell staff how they would like to receive a copy of the issued permit (i.e. mailed, emailed, or picked up in person). 
  • Applicants for fence permits will be able to apply, pay online, and receive a PDF of the issued permit without ever having to come to Town Hall.  
  • A new mapping tool has been provided by the Town so that applicants for fence permits can make their own plan to attach to their fence permit application.