Streetlight Conversion Project

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 Weekly Updates


Collierville Streetlight Installation Map

The Collierville Streetlight Installation Map communicates the installation status of the Collierville Street Lighting Project.

A red dot means that light has not been converted.  Once converted, it will turn light green which means converted but not verified. Once verified, the dot will turn dark green. 

This map is updated throughout the day as installers complete their work and upload their data. Updates are made to the map data every 4 hours.

Project Fast Facts

  •  7,450 streetlights will be converted.
  • Overall project cost: $8,869,625.
  • Will generate over $670,000 in annual savings (the project will pay for itself in 13 years!)
  • Residential LEDs use at least 75% less energy, and last up to 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.
  • Fixtures are rated to last 22+ years.
  • Work is estimated to be completed in early May 2024.

Did you know? LED Bulb History:

  • 1907 - Henry Joseph Round discovered the LED bulb.
  • 1962 - First usable LED bulb is developed by Nick Holonyak Jr.
  • 1978 - LED bulbs become available for sale.
  • 1993 - High-brightness blue LED bulb is invented.

Project Overview

The Town of Collierville authorized the streetlight conversion of its streetlight system to new energy-efficient LED fixtures. LED streetlights will reduce ongoing energy and maintenance costs while providing enhancements to both the aesthetics of our community and public safety.   

“By embracing LED lights, we illuminate our streets increasing safety while conserving energy and saving costs—paving the way for a more sustainable future for the Town,” said Mayor Stan Joyner.

The project started the week of January 3, 2024, with installation crews arriving and getting equipment prepared. Shelby Electrical Company Inc. and Trace Services, through their contract with Path Company, will conduct the conversion and installation of the new fixtures with work scheduled to last into mid-May. The new lights are going to be 3,000 Kelvin, which are a warm color and the same shade as the City of Bartlett, who just went through the same conversion process.

The hours of operation will typically be during daylight hours with temporary periods of nighttime work being performed on some of the Town’s larger roads. Path’s personnel will be wearing safety equipment, and their vehicles will be clearly marked. As is the case with all public infrastructure projects taking place in the Town of Collierville, drivers are advised to please maintain a safe distance from pedestrians and parked vehicles while driving.