Streets and Drainage

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Division Manager - Bobby Kinney (

Assistant Division Manager - Justin Wilburn (

Phone: (901) 457-2800

The Streets and Drainage Division is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 740 lane-miles of roadway including pavement, curb, ditches, right-of-way litter collection and street signage. Large quantity of drainage structures and open ditches in the right-of-way and easements are also maintained. The division also assists with street cleaning, leaf pick-up and special events. The division works under the general direction of the Streets and Drainage Supervisor who coordinates the daily work schedules of twenty-eight employees.


Street Maintenance/Repair and Overlay Street

Maintenance Crews maintain over 740 lane miles of road way throughout the Town. Maintenance of the Town's roadways includes patching pot holes, major and minor pavement repairs, painting, street signage, street sweeping, litter collection and the Towns annual paving project. On an average year the Division re-paves an average of 25 lane miles of roadway, perform over 3,000 pavement repairs utilizing an average of 2,900 tons of asphalt, maintain over 10,200 street signs and make approximately 800 sign repairs. Drainage Maintenance/Repair Drainage Maintenance Crews maintain over 14 miles of major drainage laterals, roadside ditches, drainage pipes and inlets throughout the Town. Maintenance of the Town's drainage ways include drainage inlet repairs and maintenance, cutting and spraying drainage ditches, grading and maintaining road side ditches, replacement of over 1,300 linear feet of curb and gutter, removal of trees and debris blocking drainage ways and emergency response during inclement weather. In addition the Divison sweeps each of the Town's major streets on a bi-weekly basis and subdivisions twice a year. Emergency Response to Severe Weather Events and Storm Debris Cleanup Special Events Every year the Streets & Drainage Division is responsible for putting up and maintaining all of the Town's Christmas lights and decorations during the holiday season.