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Solicitors are prohibited from soliciting at any location listed on the Town’s “No Knock” registry, or from any location with a sign posted prohibiting solicitation. The ordinance includes strict permit requirements, requiring detailed information from those who apply. Applicants will undergo a criminal background check, and permits will be denied to those with a criminal history. All solicitors will be issued an ID badge by the Town which must be displayed while conducting door-to-door sales. Religious groups, charities and political campaigns are exempt from permitting requirements. 

To participate in commercial solicitation within the Town of Collierville, a business must obtain a company permit and identification badges for each individual solicitor. Please see the Application Checklist page. Applications must be submitted in person; forms are provided on the Application Checklist page. 

Solicitors must obtain required permits, and an updated “No Knock” list, every month, prior to starting a solicitation effort. The registry download is available below. Print both the legacy list and the current registry. 

Permit Approval Process

Permits will be issued by the Town Clerk during standard business hours, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, at Collierville Town Hall. A Commercial Solicitation Permit is valid for one year effective on the issued date.

Commercial Solicitation Permits will be denied if the applicant has used false or misrepresented information on the application, failed to obtain a business tax license, or been convicted of a felony. Commercial Solicitor ID Badges will be denied to applicants with a criminal history or applicants previously denied by the Town Clerk.

No Knock Registry Download

The No Knock Registry list is updated every month. The Legacy List is from a former website from the original registry launch.