Resident Information about Solicitation

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The Town of Collierville has a substantial interest in protecting the well-being, safety and privacy of its citizens, including the ability to protect citizens from unwanted intrusions, fraud, unfair consumer sales practices as well as criminal activity. The new ordinance provides the Town with a means to regulate solicitors, while protecting the public’s safety by requiring all persons, businesses and organizations wishing to solicit in Collierville for commercial purposes to obtain a permit.


Residents have options to manage Door-to-Door Sales at their homes


  • Property owners who do not want solicitors coming to their home may display signage that reads “No Solicitation” or “No Soliciting” at or near the front residence.
  • The “No Knock Registry" gives residents a choice as to whether they want to allow non-commercial solicitors at their residence. Click here to submit your address to be included in the “No Knock Registry". 

First, residents need to clearly understand the distinction between this “No Nnock” registry and “No Solicitation” signs. The “No Solicitation” sign will prohibit all forms of solicitation from engaging in door-to-door contact at a residence. Using the “No knock” Registry will prohibit commercial solicitation at a residence. Residents may choose to use one method, both, or neither depending on personal preference, and homeowner association covenants, which may not allow the display of signs.

Next, residents who choose to sign up on this “No Knock” registry will enter their address which will automatically be loaded into a “No Knock” data base. Commercial solicitors will be required to print off the “No Knock” registry address list the first of every month in advance of conducting door-to-door sales. Signing up for the “No Knock” registry WILL NOT prohibit groups that are exempt from the ordinance such as religious groups, politicians, non-profits like school booster clubs and charitable organizations from soliciting at your residence.


One requirement of a “No Solicitation” sign is visibility from the sidewalk.


Residents who want to prohibit any and all solicitors at their residence will need to display a “No Solicitation” or "No Soliciting" sign at the front entrance to their residence. Displaying a “No Solicitation” sign WILL PROHIBIT all solicitors, including religious groups, non-profits such as school booster clubs and charitable organizations. Some examples of ways to display a “No Solicitation” sign are shown.

The new ordinance includes strict permit requirements, requiring detailed information from those who apply. Applicants will undergo a criminal background check, and permits will be denied to those with a criminal history. All commercial solicitors will be issued an ID badge by the Town which must be displayed while conducting door-to-door sales. Religious groups, charities and political campaigns are exempt from the Town’s permitting requirements. 

Click here to read "Home Soliciation Safety Tips" from the Collierville Police Department. To report a soliciation violation, call the Collierville Police Department non-emergency number: 901-853-3207.